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Finding My True North: Reflections on Sobriety and Self Discovery.

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Reflections on My "Why" on Sobriety and Self-Discovery

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Three years ago, I made a decision that would alter the course of my life: I chose to leave alcohol behind for good. It wasn't my first attempt, but this time felt different. This time, my "WHY" was crystal clear – my husband and I were embarking on a 6-month adventure exploring Australia, and I refused to let alcohol steal a single moment of our precious journey. This marked the beginning of finding my true north amidst reflections on sobriety and inner discovery.

Finding My True North:

A Diagnosis and a Decision

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My journey from alcohol to sobriety began long before our Australian adventure. It started three years earlier when I faced my second battle with breast cancer. In the 18 months following my diagnosis, alcohol wasn't even a thought. Illness demanded my attention, and during that time, I delved into natural healing methods, realizing that eliminating alcohol was a crucial step in my recovery. But as life gradually returned to normal, so did the allure of wine.


Confronting Alcohol: A Cycle of Struggle

The struggle was real. Week after week, I'd attempt to find sobriety, only to find myself back in the same cycle. Alcohol had woven itself into the fabric of my social life, making it seem impossible to imagine dinners or nights out without a glass in hand. But beneath the surface, I harbored a deep resentment toward alcohol – for the hangovers that stole precious weekend hours, for the moments of blacking out, for the morning-after shame that seemed to grow with each passing day.


A Wake-Up Call: Facing Reality

The turning point came with a wake-up call I couldn't ignore. Waking up on the floor with blood dripping down my head forced me to confront the reality of my issue. It was time to begin the journey to heal and reclaim my life, guided by the beacon of finding my true north amidst reflections on sobriety and self-discovery


Arming Myself for Healing: Tools for Self Discovery

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As we set out on our caravan trip across Australia, I armed myself with tools for self-discovery. Hypnotherapy, meditation, and a commitment to quitting medications became my allies. The road to recovery wasn't easy, especially in those early days on the open road. But with support from resources like Sarah Rusbatch's Alcohol-Free Challenge and podcasts like "How I Quit Alcohol," my life began to change.


Navigating Sobriety: Challenges and Triumphs


Camping without drinking posed its own set of challenges. Many couldn't understand why I'd choose to skip the end-of-day drinks. For my husband, it was easy to attribute it to my past battles with cancer. But for me, sobriety was about more than just health – it was about self-discovery navigating through challenges and triumphs as I sought my true north.


Embracing Life Without Alcohol: A New Beginning


Alcohol had been a veil, masking my true self and numbing me to the realities I needed to face. The shame of neglecting my health post-cancer weighed heavily, but the grip of the wine kept me trapped in a cycle of self-destruction. However embracing life without alcohol marked a new beginning, where I could truly find my true self amidst reflections on sobriety and inner discovery.


Three Years Of Living in Sobriety


Three years on, my life is unrecognizable. Weekends are no longer a blur of pubs and wine bottles; they're filled with nourishing activities and self-care. Dining out no longer revolves around alcohol; instead, I savor mocktails and alcohol-free beer, driving home with a clear head and a heart full of gratitude. I will continue on my journey of self-discovery as I believe we are always learning and growing, continually finding my direction as I continue my sobriety journey.


Take the First Step Towards Change



If you're questioning your relationship with alcohol, and ready to break free but don't know where to start, I invite you to join me on a free 20-minute discovery call. Together, we can take the first step towards a life of clarity, purpose, and freedom from the grip of alcohol.


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